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Plattenvereinigung 2016, July 15th - 18th

As a part of the project Series and Cycle, Columbian artist and DAAD scholar Ana Belén Cantoni was working on her installation “Concrete Structures”, from June 28th to July 19th. She builded a dome out of fabric, thus drawing a line of ancestry between Plattenvereinigung (the exhibition space, itself consisting of concrete slabs built in mass production) and the many representative domed buildings in Berlin – a line in the truest sense of the word: as a three-dimensional drawing in space. Here’s what she wrote about her work:

With my installation work I explore architecture as a boundary that separates the body from the landscape. My installations are ephemeral constructions and geometries, made of soft materials. I use the architectonic space to talk about the body. A body that clings to its shelter to resist the feeling of disintegration. Through the use of materials such as elastic fabric and pieces of garments, I construct vulnerable structures that depend on the architecture.
For the Plattenvereinigung, I will create a temporary architecture that will act as a three dimensional drawing composed of lines of elastic fabric, a material that I have used in previous works such as Elastic Structure in Rose and Black and in the series Concrete Bodies. The installation will resemble a piece of monumental architecture in the process of being built. This project revolves around the idea of Structure, and it will be centered on architecture as
something that is in a constant process of development and transformation; something that is built through time, but that is resignified throughout history.
I will explore the figure of the dome, given that it is the most common shape in monumental architecture. The dome will be accompanied by scaffolding also made of fabric. This construction will be in a continuous process of development, unfinished, and as such alive.